It’s Competition Time!

Well…I am kicking off 2011 in fine style, courtesy of the lovely peeps over at AudioGo, the home of BBC Audiobooks. I have a competition for you, and there are five copies of the brand-spanking new “BRIGHTON ROCK” audiobook up for grabs as prizes.  Read by top-notch UK acting legend SAMUEL WEST, and produced by my good self!  First, here’s a little about the audiobook:

Unabridged Reading

Author : Graham Greene
Reader : Samuel West
Producer : Neil Gardner
Running Time : 9hrs 11mins

‘Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him…’ So begins ‘Brighton Rock’, in which a gang war rages through the dark underworld of 1930s Brighton. Seventeen-year-old Pinkie Brown, malign and ruthless, has killed a man. Believing he can escape retribution, he is unprepared for the courageous, life-embracing Ida Arnold. Greene’s gripping thriller exposes a world of loneliness and fear, of life lived on the ‘dangerous edge of things’. ‘Brighton Rock’ has twice been adapted for film. Richard Attenborough starred as Pinkie in the 1947 version, with Sam Riley and Helen Mirren starring in the 2010 release.

‘The most ingenious, inventive and exciting of our novelists… A master of storytelling’ – Times
‘I read Brighton Rock when I was about thirteen. One of the first lessons I took from it was that a serious novel could be an exciting novel…’ – Ian McEwan
‘A superb storyteller with a gift for provoking controversy’ – New York Times

Samuel West reads Graham Greene’s classic gang war thriller – complete and unabridged.

The 8xCD boxset is worth almost £20…and we have 5 to give away (aren’t AudioGo marvellous?!)  You can learn more about the title (and AudioGo) by CLICKING HERE.


To be in with a chance of winning a copy of BRIGHTON ROCK, as read by Samuel West (and produced by little old me!) here is what you have to do:

BRIGHTON ROCK looks at a Brighton of the past – gangs and betting, violence and love…it is a vibrant and chilling setting.  In NO MORE THAN 500 words, describe a Brighton of the FUTURE.  It can be 5 years, 50 years, 500 years away, or even further.  What is different, what is the same?  Is the pier still there, or has it grown, or been destroyed?  Is the English Channel still there, or has all the water gone?  Is the town still a haven for creativity and peoples of all sexualities and religions and ethnicities?  Is Brighton the last bastion in a post-apocalyptic world, or is it the Sin City of a new United States of Europa?

Send your entries to:

The DEADLINE for entries is SUNDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2011 at midnight – any entries received after that date/time will not be considered.

JUDGING – all of the entries will be judged by a panel of audiobook, SF and writing world luminaries (including me…not that I am a luminary, more a luminous canary!) whose names will be announced shortly, but include the goddess of audiobook readers, LORELEI KING.

ADDITIONALLY – Following the competition, my new audiobook company, Spokenworld Audio will produce an audiobook compilation of the winning entries AND the best of the rest.  Exciting, eh?  The working title of this anthology is BRIGHTON PROX.

Good luck and get those entries in, ASAP!

Terms & Conditions

This competition is organised and run by me, Neil Gardner, and AudioGo and Ladbroke Productions are not involved or have any responsibility for it.  Please DO NOT correspond with AudioGo or Ladbroke Productions concerning this competition.  For any queries please contact me directly.

The judges’ decision is final.  Nor correspondence will be entered into once the results have been announced.

Results will be announced via this blog, and on social networking sites on SUNDAY 3rd APRIL 2011.  Winners will be notified by email.  Prizes will be posted within 7 days.

This competition is open to anyone aged over 16 and from any country.

By entering the competition you grant Spokenworld Audio Ltd non-exclusive audiobook rights to your submitted entry.  Spokenworld Audio Ltd shall pay all costs involved in the production and sale of the audiobook edition of the winning entries, but shall pay no advance fee or rights fee.  An ‘Author’s Share of Revenue’ shall be created, which shall be 20% of the Net Revenue of any sales generated.  This shall be shared between the authors, paid half-yearly (June/Dec) where monies have accrued.

Hurrah For A New Publisher

Champagne?!  Wheres the cake?!!!

Champagne?! Where's the cake?!!!

Hearty congratulations from me to Lee Harris and all the team at the fantastically titled ANGRY ROBOT BOOKS, which officially launched in the UK and Australia today (apparently there was cake!)

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Angry Robot ™ is a new imprint from Harper Collins dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything inbetween. Its book line will launch in July 2009, with both physical books across a wide variety of formats, and online versions, both e-books and audio.

British-based but selling worldwide, its mission is to produce books that appeal to everyone, from post-Dr Who and Xbox fans to long-time genre enthusiasts.

So I say a resounding hurrah for Angry Robot and Harper Collins from bringing something new to the market, for supporting new writing, and for taking a chance of genre writing at a time when so many other publishers are ‘back-sliding’!

If you wanna learn more about the company, the peeps involved and even the books (!) pop over to their website by clicking here

Now…I wonder if they’ll publish some of my sci-fi flavoured poetry?!? 🙂

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