Sun-Gold Flock

The Yellow Buses of Malta

The Yellow Buses of Malta

“Sun-Gold Flock”

Like a flock of sun-gold flamingoes
They swarm around the fountain now dry,
Some shiny new, others in death throes
The journey may be hard but they’ll try.

All at once the flock takes wing and leaves
As one they make haste and depart,
Squawking and screeching the sound weaves
I watch, transfixed, full of heart.

Each one’s destination is different
Yet the flock knows where to return,
To far off location the individuals are sent
On a wing and a prayer, but no concern.

They’re back now, all yellow and noisy
Surrounding me they nest and roost,
At night they lie warm, snug and cosy
Before another day’s flock is let loose.

N.B. On the island of Malta, there is a quite magnificent public bus service comprising several hundred yellow buses, which all start and end their journeys around a fountain at the capital city Valletta.  It was while sitting watching these buses back in 2003 that I got the inspiration for this poem.

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