Tonsils By Night

Strange Things Come Out At Night!

Strange Things Come Out At Night!

“Tonsils By Night”

“Up and about at this time of night
What ever would your father think
Now sleep or you’ll get an awful big fright
When you see what’s climbing out of the sink!”

So imagine my doubt as my mum walked away
Leaving these thoughts in my head
Whatever could be the thing that she’d say
Would scare me back into my bed?

So after the lights had been switched off
And my parents had finally gone to sleep
I creeped from my room with barely a cough
And explored to the bathroom not making a peep.

I opened the door and to my surprise
A glow was alive in the sink
I leaned forward and adjusted my eyes
And averted my nose from the stink!

A baker’s dozen tonsils alive in the bowl
Swimming and chirping and so on
Another 15 were asleep on the towel
And some ninja one’s rode on the curtain.

I ran back to my room and hid under sheets
I feared the tonsils would follow me and
I shivered and shook and listened for creaks
And eventually slipped into sleep land.

Next morning I ran to the bathroom
And searched high and low for the ‘sils
No sign that the errant nodules did loom
They’d left and headed out to the hills!

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