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It’s a bumper crop today, because here is yet ANOTHER audiobook, produced by yours truly for the BBC WW/Chivers Audiobook people. This time it isn’t a novel, but a discussion/essay/treatise by PD James on the topic of detective fiction, enticingly titled “Talking About Detective Fiction”.  It is read by Diana Bishop and is a fascinating listen, full of the history of detective literature, as well as PD James’ own thoughts on the genre’s development and future.  Here’s the info:

Diana Bishop reads P. D. James’ fascinating observations on one of the most popular and enduring forms of literature, the detective novel.

To judge by the worldwide success of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Poirot, an appetite for murder, mystery and mayhem is universal. Talking about the craft of detective writing and sharing her personal thoughts and observations, P. D. James examines the challenges, achievements, and potential of a genre which has fascinated her for nearly 50 years. From the tenant of 221b Baker Street to the Village Priest from Cubhole in Essex, from the Golden Age of detective writing between the wars to the achievements of the present and a glimpse at the future, P. D. James explores the metamorphosis of a genre which has gripped and entertained the popular imagination like no other type of novel.

Written by the author widely regarded as the queen of the detective novel, Talking about Detective Fiction is a must-have for all fans of crime fiction.

©2009 P. D. James; (P)2009 BBC Audiobooks Ltd

You can buy the audiobook in various formats:



Or download via iTunes UK:
Talking About Detective Fiction (Unabridged)

Or download via iTunes US:
Talking About Detective Fiction (Unabridged)

At this time I have no information about a CD release.

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