Obligatory Xmas Charity Single

Waaaaay back in the mid-90s I worked for B97, a commercial radio station in Bedford.  We were asked to support the local Anglia TV Kid’s Xmas charity, and so we did, with lots of on-air activity and THIS wee song, written and performed by Paul Garner (now a famous comedy writer) and me with some help from a lot of other lovely people.  We made cash for the kids, so it was a good thing.  Whether the single is a good thing or not I’ll leave up to you!

Written by Paul Garner & Neil Gardner

Performed by Paul Garner, Neil Gardner, Neil Bentley, Tim Page, B97 Crew, Yamaha Crew

Recorded at The Bunkers, Bedford

Thanks to B97/Chiltern Radio & all who helped make it possible.

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