A Gal With Large…

While FICTS have been taking centre stage I’ve held off posting daily poems…but I thought it would be nice to pop one up every now and again.  So here’s one about those formative years, and the joy of relationships!

Hummana hummana hummana!

"Hummana hummana hummana!"

“A Gal With Large…”

When I was at school, all I desired
Was the girl with the large breasts the others admired.
I’d sit there in class, with a grin on my chops
Alone with my thoughts, and her fab golden tops!

And then as the years passed, I looked deeper still,
A gal with large breasts and a “need” I could fill.
Emotional longings, and urges as well,
My gal with large breasts came out of her shell.

And then came my teen years, all acne and smells,
My gal with large breasts was a beast come from hell.
Our love grew like ulcers, all cankerous sores,
I found it a turn on to lick clean her pores.

But now we’ve both grown up, our urges quite tame.
I look at her breasts and she puts me to shame.
For after the teen years and some time in jail,
My gal with large breasts is actually…MALE!

Sparky’s Favourite Mouse

Bertie Bertie!

Bertie Bertie!

“Sparky’s Favourite Mouse”

Even though he had almost a thousand
There was one he loved much more than
The other nine hundred and ninety-nine mice
So much so that Sparky named it twice

Bertie Bertie was the honoured soul
Resplendent in glass ball he’d roll
From Sparky’s lap to the kitchen wall
Then round the cushions and down the hall

Sparky’s love for this treasured mouse
Was something he’d never renounce
Even when his mother laid down the law
And shoved the whole lot out the door

Bertie Bertie was safe in Sparky’s bag
Away from the machinations of the evil hag
Sparky raced away to the schoolhouse room
Away from the domestic mouse-killing doom

But that first night while at the school
Sparky forgot the first cardinal rule
He left Bertie Bertie’s cage open and
His favourite mouse rolled out of hand

The following morn they all did behold
The chaos left wherever Bertie Bertie had rolled
A cat dispatched to hunt down Sparky’s chum
Within half an hour the job was well done

Now Sparky sits sad and all alone, no mouse
In his bedroom on the first floor of his house
But every now and again he can hear
A scratch and a squeak, he knows Bertie Bertie’s still near!

Insane In The Climbing Frame

Climbing Frame Action!

Climbing Frame In Action!

“Insane In The Climbing Frame”

Wee Jimmy stood at the top of the frame
The King of his own private land
No longer with friends, playing a game
He’d left them behind in the sand.

Wee Jimmy stood proud and steadfast
Surveying his kingdom below
Proudly displaying his autographed cast
Received in a bicycle blow.

Wee Jimmy stood tall and in charge
The Emperor of all he could see
Munching on bread spread with marj
And wanting so badly to pee.

Wee Jimmy stood hunched and concerned
The trip down was further away
Oh God how his wee winky burned
He feared he was stuck there all day.

Wee Jimmy stood bent and embarrassed
With liquid seeping down his leg
The whole class had seen his excess
As it dripped down onto the shed.

Wee Jimmy stood now on the playground
The teacher not happy or glad
Wee Jimmy was nurses office bound
New trousers were now to be had.

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