U.S. vs Us

“U.S. vs Us”

“Hello old boy” he said to the chap
Wearing the baseball cap.
“Well howdy” replied the yank
Disembarking from his armoured tank.

“Fancy a pint?” asked the dapper gent
Seller of oil from far off Brent.
“I’d rather a lager” opined the man
As between his ass-cheeks he crushed a beer-can.

“Shall we do lunch?” the wag then said
Considering his guest to be white-bred.
“A fine steak and fries” was his reply
“And lots of BBQ sauce, don’t be shy!”

“Are you an educated man” the Brit enquired
To the Yank who was looking quite tired.
“Only in matters of propane and death,
And finding a cure for your awful British breath!”

“Well really!” our chap stood up and left
Saville Row bound for a suit with new weft.
The Yank sat in silence considering and
Jumped back in his tank, Middle-East bound!

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