The Intoxication Formation

“The Intoxication Formation”

The day of the big parade had finally come,
The sky was blue and out shone the sun,
Everyone was excited and ready for fun,
And when I say all of them I mean EVERY ONE!

First came the parade of school children,
Dressed up in costumes “Walk now, don’t run!”
And then came the coppers marching along,
“>Followed by Majorettes dressed up to stun.

The parade continued for an hour or so,
Float after float and much to-ing and fro,
Shop-keeps and mayors and sisters and bro,
Proudly on display for all the town to know.

But up at the back where few people saw,
Came a float like no other seen here before,
Covered in beer cans and an old gents loo door,
Surrounded by souses dragged up off the floor.

The crowds went quiet as the final float went by,
Stinking of urine that made children cry,
The escorts’ pants were by now far from dry,
Falling off the float no matter how hard they try!

The parade was called off by a worried Mayor.
The police were called but the drunks didn’t care.
They’d stated their case and taken their share…
And the Intoxication Formation had been such a wonderful dare!

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