Wear Your FICT With Pride!

We’ve had our first customer at the Official FICTS Online Store – the lovely Brandi – and she’s sent us a piccie of herself modeling her beloved “Death Duck” babydoll T-shirt, and enjoying her new “Biscuit in Space” mousepad – looking great Brandi!

Would you like a FICT T-shirt, or mug, or mousepad or even a FICT birthday card?  All these and more are available now over that the store.  You can get to the store by CLICKING HERE.  All the products are available for posting around the world!

And if you like a bit of podcasting fun and frolics, why not check out Brandi’s “The Insideoutcast” by CLICKING HERE – it’s well worth a listen!

Brandi and her very own "Death Duck" babdydoll T-shirt

Brandi and her very own "Death Duck" babydoll T-shirt

Brandi brandishing her new FICTS mousepad!

Brandi brandishing her new FICTS mousepad!

Somewhere Between Fact & Fiction You Will Find…FICTS! #13

Can you Adam & Eve it?! It’s FICT #13:

(c) Neil Gardner & Robert Rankin, 2009

(c) Neil Gardner & Robert Rankin, 2009

Please check out the new Official FICTS Online Store at http://www.zazzle.co.uk/hokusbloke*

FICTS You Can Buy!

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We are very proud to launch the new Online FICTS Store, courtesy of the lovely people at Zazzle.co.uk.  You can buy a range of stuff including men’s and ladies T-shirts, including the much requested babydoll T-shirts, plus 2-tone mugs, posters, mousepads, birthday cards and more.  The first 12 designs are now up, and each day a new design will be added until all 20 initial designs are available.

And on Day 1 we are very proud to say that Zazzle has chosen our very own “Squid Ink” ladies babydoll T-shirt as a BEST OF THE DAY…and that means even more people will get to learn about FICTS!

So please check us out at: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/hokusbloke*

Products are available in the US and UK stores, and Zazzle will post them anywhere in the world!  If you need to change the language or currency look at the bottom of the front page and click on the relevant flag.

Thanks for looking and buying 🙂

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