It’s Coming…

Somthing new and rather groovy will be appearing every weekday here on the Blog for the next month.

“What is it, Neil?”

That would be telling.  But it isn’t far off…in fact the first will appear this very day…so come back soon 🙂

The Masked Curator (Of The Invisible Museum)

Everyone Enjoys A Mask!

Everyone Enjoys A Mask!

“The Masked Curator (Of The Invisible Museum)”

Ha ha! Here he comes now
The mysterious mask, cape and scowl
Through the night’s cold damp air
Flying fast from his ominous lair

Don’t dally too long by one exhibit
Linger or lounge, he’s sure to sense it
Move on down the halls & corridors
And don’t ever run on the well polished floors

He hunts his prey as lights dim
Lost visitors believe and trust him
Twilight gloom his happy time
The perfect place for his heinous crime

The pounce & stare, the scream & scare
His masked face, you’ve no prayer
The following day, police investigated
The verdict quick – you’ve been curated

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