A Warm n Snuggly FICT for a Wet n Drizzly Sunday

It’s raining…dum dum diddle diddle dum….raining in my heart!  Well, it’s certainly raining across the UK.  So here’s a lovely warm n snuggly new FICT from me and Robert Rankin:

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Enticed By Sprinkles

Those darned sprinkles!

Those darned sprinkles!

“Enticed By Sprinkles”

One, two – just a few,
(They jazz up my pudding)
Three, four – just a few more,
(Come on, they’re only small)
Five, six – I need my fix,
(Seriously, I can handle it, man)
Seven, eight – just fill the damn plate…
(Don’t stop me, I NEED them)
Nine, ten – help me friend!
(I’m addicted to these damn things)
Eleven, twelve – it’s time to remove…
(This monkey, my back needs a rest)



SPRINKLES…NOW….please…I need them…please



Nooooooooooooo!  BRING THEM BACK!

….my sprinkles…

One, two – not even a few,
Three, four – no need no more,
Five, six – three weeks since my last hits,
Seven, eight – I don’t hate you, don’t hate,
Nine, ten – is this a new beginning?
Eleven, twelve – my sprinkles now shelved!

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