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I’m a lucky blighter…as an audiobook fan I just love hearing what’s new and hearing a wide variety of genres…but what makes me lucky is that I am an audiobook producer, so I get access to many more audiobooks than is probably fair šŸ˜‰ Ā So I thought, hey Neil, why not start sharing the news about audiobooks that you’ve heard, produced or know a bit about. Ā So that’s what I’m gonna start doing. Ā Come back regularly to be updated on audiobook goodness…and even get the occasional chance to win one or more of the audiobooks mentioned!

I, Claudius

Author : Robert Graves
Reader : Full Cast

Running Time : 6hrs 0mins

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Robert Graves’ brilliant account of the madness and debauchery of ancient Rome, starring Tom Goodman Hill as Claudius and Derek Jacobi as Augustus.

The wickedly entertaining inside story of the lives and deaths of the Imperial dynasty from Augustus to Caligula is told by their obscure relation, Claudius.

In public, Claudius is a stammering, drooling weakling, whose reputation as an idiot keeps him safe from office and assassination. But in private, he’s as sharp as they come, and keeps a secret history of everything he discovers. Until one day, as one of the few of his family left alive, he’s acclaimed Emperor against his will. Can he save Rome from the corruption he’s grown to detest?

Featuring Derek Jacobi (who won a BAFTA for his performance as Claudius in the acclaimed 1977 BBC television production) as Augustus, and with an all-star cast, this gripping dramatisation will enthral anyone who loves the decadence of Ancient Rome.

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Aurelio Zen: Blood Rain

Unabridged Reading

Author : Michael Dibdin

Reader : Michael Kitchen

Running Time : 8hrs 30mins

Michael Kitchen reads this complete, full-length ‘Aurelio Zen’ novel by bestselling author Michael Dibdin.

After his last case, among the gentle hills and lush vineyards of Piedmont, Inspector Zen finally receives the order he has been dreading all his professional life: his next posting is to Sicily, home of the Mafia.

The gruesome discovery of an unidentified, decomposed corpse sealed in a railway wagon on a disused siding marks the beginning of Zen’s most difficult and dangerous case.

Set against the backdrop of the 3000-year-old city of Catania, in the shadow of the smouldering volcano of Etna, ‘Blood Rain’ finds Aurelio Zen at his most desperate and driven.

‘The best detective novelist around’ – Sunday Times

A complete and unabridged reading by Michael Kitchen.

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South Riding


Author : Winifred Holtby

Reader : Full Cast

Running Time : 3hrs 45mins

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Winifred Holtby’s classic novel of 1930s Yorkshire.

It is the summer of 1932, and Sarah Burton embarks on a new beginning as the headmistress of Kiplington High School for girls. There she encounters unenthusiastic pupils, distant staff and a run-down building, but she is determined to inspire.

When she organises her first community event, she begins to feel more at home. However, her next bright idea – taking the girls out on a snowy clifftop walk – gets her into trouble with local landowner and school governor Robert Carne.

As Sarah learns more about Carne’s troubled home life and his concern for his daughter Midge, she finds herself increasingly drawn to him. But she soon has more on her mind than romance, as she struggles to prevent bright but poor schoolgirl Lydia Holley from losing her scholarship…

Starring Sarah Lancashire, Philip Glenister and Carole Boyd, this gripping adaptation memorably evokes the lives, loves and sorrows of the inhabitants of South Riding.

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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None


Author : Agatha Christie

Reader : Full Cast

Running Time : 1hrs 30mins

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of a classic Agatha Christie mystery, starring Lyndsey Marshal, Geoffrey Whitehead and John Rowe.

Ten guests travel to an island at the invitation of someone named U.N. Owen. All are strangers, but they have two things in common: they have all been responsible for someone’s death, and none will leave the island alive.

Over the next two days and nights, each of the guests is killed off in a different manner in keeping with the nursery rhyme, ‘Ten Little Soldier Boys’. As they are picked off one by one, who could possibly be responsible?

The killers are forced to turn detective so they can find the unknown murderer, but one by one they become victims…

Billed as ‘the famous detective story without a detective’, ‘And Then There Were None’ is one of Agatha Christie’s darkest and most enduring tales.

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