A Warm n Snuggly FICT for a Wet n Drizzly Sunday

It’s raining…dum dum diddle diddle dum….raining in my heart!  Well, it’s certainly raining across the UK.  So here’s a lovely warm n snuggly new FICT from me and Robert Rankin:

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Robot Love

Some Robots In Love!

Some Robots In Love!


“Robot Love”

They came to our beautiful land
Destruction was what they had planned
They stomped and crashed our city fair
Our people died, they did not care
Each one a giant of 100 feet
They burned and wrecked our old high street
This robot pair from outer space
Destruction reigned in our peaceful place
Then as one the pair gazed down
Upon a couple of lovers found
Embraced together not caring or
Noticing the carnage or battle roar
So in love and so in desire
This couple kissed hard within the fire
So in lust and so found together
Their love embrace went on forever
The robots took pause and looked around
At the damage they’d done, the beauty they’d found
And one noticed the other was a robot girl
Her antennae had the cutest curl
The 100 foot high robots embraced at once
And kissed with circuits, and began to dance
Lost in each others microchip-based eyes
Ignoring from below the people’s death cries
For as they danced and jigged and stepped
They crushed and killed and maimed and kept
The reign of terror going on for another long round
And when they stopped they looked and found
The objects of their imitation were sadly no more
Beneath a metal foot they were crushed on the floor
And the robots both wept at their tragic mistake
Switched each other off and died in their lover’s embrace.

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