A Life of Crime

Dave the Lime!

Dave the Lime!

“A Life of Crime”

“It’s mine all mine!” cried Dave The Lime
Living his life, a life of crime.

“A dime’s a dime in a life of crime!”
Dave the Lime felt fine, just fine.

“You’ll be tasting brine” said Boss Man Kline
“Unless you return that dime that’s mine!”

So Lime lost the dime from crime to Kline
But avoided being known as Lime in brine!

Light & Life

Whos Inside?

Who's Inside?

“Light & Life”

I see flatblocks of lights
And imagine the fights
Husbands and wives
Leading interesting lives
Places of work
Where dark denizens lurk
And places of play
Where safe children stay

I see through the windows
And see what is on show
Into kitchens and bathrooms
With cleaners and fast brooms
I stare at the couples
Entwined with their cupfuls
Of cocoa or horlicks
Curled up on the carpet

Or snuggled together
Sofa cushions of feather
And now I see more
As I race by I’m sure
Tenements and tenements
Divided by means of fence
Their appearance so familiar
Their contents so very near

These people together
Couples living forever
Safe in their universe
Of loneliness a banished curse
But now my train speeds me on
Past happy couples by the million
Very soon I’ll be back at home
And unlike them, once more alone.

N.B. You can hear actress Claire Skinner reading “Light & Life” by clicking on the Poetry Audio widget on the right side of the page.

A Couple Of Fascinating Radio Programmes For A Sunday

Made In Manchester Logo

The following two radio docs were made by my friend Ashley Byrne’s radio indie Made In Manchester, and both are on-air on the BBC today.  If you have the chance, check them out!


Stuart Maconie meets devotees of Walt Whitman in Bolton and explores the history of the town’s unlikely yet enduring relationship with the American poet.

A group of devoted fans established the Whitman Fellowship from 1885 onwards, and, although he never visited the town, Whitman developed strong ties through his correspondence with members of the group. Today, Whitman devotees gather for the annual Whitman Walk, to recite his works and share from Whitman’s Loving Cup, a gift presented to his followers in Bolton in 1894.

Stuart joins this happy band of walkers and Whitmanites to discover why the poet is still celebrated there, nearly 120 years after his death.

  • 1630-1700 (BST)
  • Sunday, July 5th 2009 (Repeated at 23.30-0000 BST on Saturday 11th July 2009)
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 92.4-94.6 FM LW 198 on line, Dab digital radio, Freeview, Sky or the BBC i-player for 7 days after broadcast.
  • Presented by Stuart Maconie
  • Produced by Russell Crewe and Andrew Edwards
  • Executive Producer: Neil Gardner

·         A Made in Manchester Production for BBC Radio 4


Aasmah Mir investigates how life for gay or LGBT people in Iraq has got much worse since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

The programme contains harrowing testimonies from gay, bi and trans Iraqis and shocking descriptions of murder and torture which some listeners may find disturbing.

  • 1900-2000 (BST)
  • Sunday, July 5th 2009
  • BBC Radio 5Live
  • 909/693 MW, on line, Dab digital radio, Freeview, Sky or the BBC i-player for 7 days after broadcast.
  • Presented by Aasmah Mir
  • Produced by Ashley Byrne and Gail Champion
  • Executive Producer: Russell Crewe
  • Actors: Ashley Byrne, Samuel Barnett (History Boys, Beautiful People, Mrs Henderson Presents, Desperate Romantics) and Paul Kendrick (Consenting Adults)

·         A Made in Manchester Production for BBC Radio 5Live

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