Some Lewis Carroll Inspired Poetry

I’ve been working on some Lewis Carroll audiobooks recently, and it inspired me to write a bit of Carroll-esque nonsense poetry.  Here it is, I hope you like it!


“Bring Forth My Gyres”


Where are they now

Those insatiable needs

Of mome raths and gimbles

And men made of cheese


Of yesterday’s mermaids

And low flying goths

Those rampaging mimsies

And full-frontal moths


The hearing and sharing

Of obstinate corn

With unquenching framules

And corkscrewing horn


Of lobsang and earhole

And marmalade seats

The nearness of oblongs

The left-handed pleats


Oh where are they now

Those irrational lords

The insides of normal

And rear-facing hordes


Bring forth my gyres

And my oft-quoted toes

Return then your jumstones

This journeyman goes


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