LEGO Mechas!

It is no shock to anyone that I am a massive LEGO fan.  We have a heck of a lot of it at our house (and no, we don’t have kids!)  I’ve always loved the versatility of the stuff, but in recent years my appreciation has moved more towards the accuracy and cleverness of the licensed kits (Star Wars, POTC, etc…)  But something was always missing for me…why no Japanese or Anime themed LEGO?  There are tons of fan-built mechas on the internet, so why had LEGO not gone down this route?

So imagine my joy at discovering LEGO had gone down this route, just a few years ago, with their EXO-FORCE range!  I never saw these sets released in the UK, but I may have just missed them.  But wherever they DID come out, they are quite simple the VERY FINEST LEGO SETS EVER!  Oh yes, they are incredible.  Superbly designed, beautiful concepts, well-balanced with fantastic articulation and playability factor.  The anime styled mini-figs are ace, but the mechas are the real deal.  Some even come with light-up bricks that channel red light through to the cockpits and guns.  So…fracking…cool.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s a few snappy snaps of the three new Exo-Force mechas we now own.  They seemed quite at home in our Japanese themed garden 🙂


“You Ruined Our Franchise!!!”

Jar-Jar Looks To The Heavens For Help...

...The Camera Slowly Pulls Back as Jar-Jar Screams Out...

...As First The Original Trilogy Characters Are Revealed...

...And Then The Prequel & Clone Wars Characters Come In To View...

..As With Guns Raised They Call Out As One - "YOU RUINED OUR FRANCHISE!!"

...And Lo...Jar-Jar Binks Bites The Dust And Meets His Deserved End...

...And So The Prophecy Is Complete - "He Who Ruins The Franchise, Dies By The Franchise!"

The BIG PAIR Podcast #10 – Riches From Persia

This episode features a one on one chat with top British actor blokey RICHARD COYLE (Going Postal, Prince of Persia, Coupling).

You can hear Richard reading HP LOVECRAFT’S “At The Mountains of Madness” on BBC Radio 7, from the 1st to the 5th November at 2pm/6pm/midnight.  Produced by me, abridged by Paul Kent, music by Jon Nicholls – an extended version will be out as a digital download audiobook in time for Xmas!!

LEGO Star Wars – GARDEN WARS 2010

So, with the arrival of my lovely fiance Tanja, the back garden has started to undergo a transformation from jungle hellhole to Oriental peace haven.  HOWEVER, since we are both massive LEGO fans, we have decided to indulge our inner children and incorporate some LEGO Star Wars into the garden.

And so…here is the first of what will be an ongoing series of silliness…GARDEN WARS 2010:

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LEGO Death Star Construction

A rather lovely friend gave me a present of a LEGO Death Star, knowing my love of LEGO Star Wars!  I’ve not touched LEGO for over 20 years, so it was clearly going to be a challenge…well, that and the 3000 pieces and the manual the size of an art book!  It’s now 4 days on and I am about 1/3 to a 1/2 through construction, doing a few hours a night when I can.  It is a beast of a kit and has waaaaay too many parts…but it is really starting to come together.

Here’s a video of the contents of the box…

And so, after debagging all the 3000 parts, construction began in earnest!

And here’s a video of where I am up to right now:

About 12 hours of building time later and I am somewhere between 1/3 and a 1/2 done and it looks like this:

I’ll post more updates as construction nears completion!

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