Cosa Nostrils

Deep Breath!

Deep Breath!

“Cosa Nostrils”

They came from a far off island place
Though many now claim they were from outer space
They came across the ocean deep
Though many now say it was their “one big leap”

Into our homes and castles they arrived
And many of our men they knifed
Into our beds and bunks they slipped
While we slept, while we kipped

Before we knew it, they were gone
They hadn’t been here very long
But they remained, in a hidden place
As plain as the nose under our face

For three hundred years they’ve ruled our land
A secret society with a hidden hand
In every decision, we’ve no freedom of will
You see, we’re subjects of The Cosa Nostril!

Partially Hidden Behind The Potted Plantpoem

Some lovely potted petunias

Some lovely potted petunias

“Partially Hidden Behind The Potted Plant”

“I can see you Mrs Dufflecoat,” the nurse said,
“No you can’t!” shouted Ethel, large of head.
“You’re behind the petunia,” the nurse replied,
“No I’m not!” said Ethel, somewhat shied.

“I can see your ears,” the nurse pushed on,
“They’re not mine!” retorted Ethel with aplomb.
“The right one is,” insisted the nurse placidly,
“No it’s not!” cried Ethel, not quite believingly.

“And I can see your nose,” the nurse continued,
“I haven’t got one!” said Ethel, rather rude.
“Between the petals,” the nurse kindly explained,
“Must be some kind of fruit!” Ethel exclaimed.

“I really can see you,” the nurse said with friction,
“I don’t see how,” replied Ethel walking in from the kitchen.

…so who’s behind the petunia?

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