The Ambidextrous One-Armed Fool

Erm...has someone left an arm?

Erm...has someone left an arm?

“The Ambidextrous One-Armed Fool”

Such skill he showed when playing away
Such talent while saving the day
Such abilities he had, and so tough
Such an ego, so it was never enough

Experiments led to his downfall disgrace
Experiments left him a twisted waste
Experiments deprived him of one half of a pair
Experiments continued with hardly a care

And now he struggles with only one-arm
And now he fights on yet doing such harm
And now he must prove to everyone again
And now he’s perceived as one of the ‘useless’ men

“But I can still use both hands!” he insists
“But I know just how ridiculous it sounds,
But I know I have the ability and skill
But I see that you sit there and pity me still.”

Now he’s alone and all others have gone
Now he’s alone with all experiments done
Now he’s alone, forever, once and for all
Now he’s just an ambidextrous one-armed fool

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