A Life of Crime

Dave the Lime!

Dave the Lime!

“A Life of Crime”

“It’s mine all mine!” cried Dave The Lime
Living his life, a life of crime.

“A dime’s a dime in a life of crime!”
Dave the Lime felt fine, just fine.

“You’ll be tasting brine” said Boss Man Kline
“Unless you return that dime that’s mine!”

So Lime lost the dime from crime to Kline
But avoided being known as Lime in brine!

Froggo & The Corpse

Nee-naw nee-naw nee-naw

Nee-naw nee-naw nee-naw

“Froggo & The Corpse”

Such a pair the world has never seen
As Froggo and The Corpse.
A crime fighting duo, fit and lean
One’s a frog, the other’s a corpse.

Fighting crime on London’s mean streets
Here come Froggo and The Corpse.
In squad car or walking the beat
The short one’s the frog, the other’s a corpse.

Cracking drug rings and organized crime
“Look out! It’s Froggo and The Corpse!”
Natural’s at meter, rhythm and rhyme
One’s amphibian, the other’s a corpse.

A couple o’good’uns, the DCI’s boys
Known locally as Froggo and The Corpse.
Flying squad rozzers making plenty of noise
The green one’s Froggo, the dead one’s The Corpse!

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