The BIG PAIR Podcast #10 – Riches From Persia

This episode features a one on one chat with top British actor blokey RICHARD COYLE (Going Postal, Prince of Persia, Coupling).

You can hear Richard reading HP LOVECRAFT’S “At The Mountains of Madness” on BBC Radio 7, from the 1st to the 5th November at 2pm/6pm/midnight.  Produced by me, abridged by Paul Kent, music by Jon Nicholls – an extended version will be out as a digital download audiobook in time for Xmas!!

The BIG PAIR Podcast – Ep 6 – Debbie Does Audio!

Another in our occassional series of specials…this episode, Neil Gardner chats one-on-one with actress, comedienne and star of “Voyage of the Damned”, Debbie Chazen, about audiobooks, We Are Klang, Calendar Girls, Dr Who and fighting breast cancer.

PLUS…some sneak audio peaks at some of the summer releases from Spokenworld Audio, the new name in audiobooks and audio productions online.

Debbie as Foon van Hoff (c)BBC

The BIG PAIR Podcast #2

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the BIG PAIR podcast returns for another teaser episode before launching in to the full on fortnightly splendour to come.

In this ep:

*More silliness
*More jingles
*More comedy skits
*A rant about Star Wars
*Talking toot about audiobooks with Paul Kent
*EXCLUSIVE first listen of chapter one of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
*More Real People
*More Cabinet of Curiosities
*More more more, how do you like it?!

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Neil G & Paul K 🙂

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