Comic-Con, SFX & Mad Skills

It’s that time of year again when the lucky 100,000 make their way to San Diego for Comic-Con…a nerdvana of comics, films, toys, cosplay and so much more.  Like Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, Comic-Con is for me a ‘must-do before I die’ affair.  Yet, sadly, another year passes and I can’t afford to go.

But wait! For while I cannot get there, the lads and lasses (mainly lads!) of SFX Magazine ARE going…en masse…and for four days they will be flying the UK flag proudly while attempting to get the US all excited about SFX magazine.  To do this they are taking 90,000 copies of a SFX Special Edition, A5 sized and chock fulla goodies.  Ade and Dave and co will, with the help of the obligatory booth ladies (I am sure they are babes but let’s not get in to that argument) be handing out these special editions to all-comers.  And what will SFX’s new US fans discover on the inside back cover (a prime piece of real estate)? Well, only this here kick-ass advert:

Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?  While Spokenworld Audio is still in its early launch stages, this was a prime opportunity, at a great price, to put our name and brand and ethos in front of 90,000 people in the US capital of genre.  Will we make money back?  Well, adverts rarely get you many direct sales, but I do believe we will have established our brand in the minds of the exact people we will be targeting over the next few years.  Plus it is another great chance to partner with the SFX gang, which is always fun and fruity.

But hang on…let me talk to you ABOUT the advert, because I am sure you have noticed that it is, to be plain and simple, KICK ASS!  It is a beautifully drawn, wonderfully composed piece of artwork and I am intensely jealous that I can’t draw like that.  It was, in fact, drawn by the unfeasibly talented MATT DILLON (aka geekplanetmatt on Twitter), who is an artist and designer of prodigious abilities, as well as the co-founder of the web’s finest genre portal…

Matt has supplied us with cover art in the past, and has that rare ability to be able to knock up original and stunning artwork at short notice.  He is able to work from the briefest of briefs (sometimes while wearing no briefs at all, so the rumour goes!) and the shortest of timelines, but always brings a wealth of ideas as well as excitement and enthusiasm to the project.  If I had more money to spend on art I would be commissioning him every week of the year.

So, let me say to you, one business blokey to another…seriously, if you need some art doing, some design work required, a project needs spicing up…contact MATT DILLON and you won’t be disappointed.


Spokenworld Audio – click here

GeekPlanetOnline – click here

Matt Dillon Email – click here



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