The Bumper Book of FICTS – Out Now!

I’ve finally managed to get my very first book published! A collaboration with best-selling author and the father of far-fetched fiction, Robert Rankin. The Bumper Book of FICTS is a beautifully illustrated 96 page hard-backed feast of fun and silliness and is available for you to buy now, exclusively from Ladbroke Productions & RAGA Publishing! Here’s everything you need to know, and a wee BUY IT NOW button to click:

The world is an amazing place, chock full of facts wherever you look, in plain view for all to enjoy.  And then there are the fictions, those oh-so-cheerful nuggets of the fantastical that float around us like clouds.  Now, after years of research, field trips and evenings in the pub, Neil Gardner & Robert Rankin can unveil the previously unknown third form of reality…the FICTS!

Somewhere between fact and fiction is where you will find the FICTS, nestling in unusual locations, like amazing Easter eggs, just waiting to be discovered, unwrapped and enjoyed.  They are non-facts, meta-fiction, something somewhere in between but at the same time co-existing in a realm of ‘almost-truth’.
The reading of FICTS is perfectly safe, having been rigorously tested in laboratory conditions by leading literary-scientist-boffins across the globe (this may not be true!).  The only side-effects are:

  • A need to giggle regularly
  • A feeling FICTS may actually be facts
  • A desire to live in a world where FICTS are reality
  • A need to giggle some more and then show them to a friend

Be warned though…once you open your senses to FICTS you will start to see them all around you.  DO NOT be tempted to approach them, photograph them or blog about them.  The authors are expert in the collection, collating and reporting of FICTS.  Leave it to the professionals because one mis-step may leave you trapped in a FICT forever!

The Little Book of FICTS is written by award-winning radio writer, producer & director Neil Gardner, and illustrated by best-selling award-winning fantasy/humour author, and Father of Far-Fetched Fiction, Robert Rankin.

To buy the book simply CLICK HERE to visit the official Ladbroke Productions FICTS page, where you will be taken to the secure and safe PAYPAL service. Delivery is by first-class post and should take between 3 and 7 days.

COST – £10.00 per book – POSTAGE – £1.50 per book

If you would like the book signed, please leave a note to this effect when ordering 🙂


About hokusbloke
30-something radio producer/director/writer, owner & MD of Ladbroke Productions (the UK's oldest independent radio production company). Lover of far fetched fiction, scifi and fantasy, my cats and all thinks tech. I am also the Chair of the Radio Independents Group, a former Trustee of the Radio Academy, and a Fellow of the RSA. I co-wrote, produced and directed Robert Rankin's "The Brightonomicon" audio series, produce Dr Who audiobooks for the BBC, and directed several sci-fi radio plays for BBC Radio 4 in 2009. I am a strong advocate for more SF audio and radio...keep watching this space for upcoming news!

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