It’s a sad day indeed, for this Bank Holiday Monday brings the very final FICT – well, it’s the last FICT from the initial draft 20 Robert created to help sell the concept to publishers.  There are, in fact, another 180 odd FICTS written (and more coming all the time!). But for now, this is the final FICT to show you.

If you have enjoyed FICTS, please let us know by leaving a comment below.  We are looking for positive endorsements and feedback we can quote to publishers. And if you know someone in publishing, or ARE someone in publishing, please share FICTS and maybe get in touch.  We are ready to go and can get a whole heap of new FICTS drawn in no time.

Don’t forget, while new FICTS may not be coming for a while, there is still the FICTS Online Store, where you can find all the FICTS emblazoned across a multitude of things like T-shirts, mugs, birthday cards, mousepads, etc… The more you buy, the more proof we have that FICTS are worth something to a publisher.  You can find the shop by CLICKING HERE!

So, for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the final FICTFICT #20:

(c) Neil Gardner & Robert Rankin, 2009

(c) Neil Gardner & Robert Rankin, 2009

Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the last month…do please keep checking out the blog for lots more fun and toot talking and FICTS nonsense.

Oh, and if you’ve discovered Robert Rankin through FICTS, why not consider reading some of his 30-odd novels.  Comic fantasy but set in the real world, known as far fetched fiction, they are a real blast.  I would recommend starting with the 8 books of the Brentford Trilogy (!), “The Antipope” or “The Brentford Triangle”.  And if you have fallen in love with Robert, then why not become a member of his official fanclub, The Order of the Golden Sprout by CLICKING HERE …it’s a lovely place to meet a wide range of fellow Rankinites, and Robert takes more than a passing interest, he helps run the damn thing! (You’ll never meet a more passionate author when it comes to meeting and hanging out with his fans!)


About hokusbloke
30-something radio producer/director/writer, owner & MD of Ladbroke Productions (the UK's oldest independent radio production company). Lover of far fetched fiction, scifi and fantasy, my cats and all thinks tech. I am also the Chair of the Radio Independents Group, a former Trustee of the Radio Academy, and a Fellow of the RSA. I co-wrote, produced and directed Robert Rankin's "The Brightonomicon" audio series, produce Dr Who audiobooks for the BBC, and directed several sci-fi radio plays for BBC Radio 4 in 2009. I am a strong advocate for more SF audio and radio...keep watching this space for upcoming news!

6 Responses to The FINAL FICT!!!

  1. LilvixenUK says:

    I think this FICT has to be my favourite. It reminded me of the Vimrod card where in every man’s brain there is a smaller brain and in that one a smaller brain and in that one a smaller brain which can only be seen with a microscope; and in that there is a tiny, tiny willy!

    I know, it’s not similar at all, but the humour to me is the same and for that I love FICTS.

  2. Brandi Jackola says:

    I have loved all of the FICTS and have already purchased FICTS merchandise from This is more of an overall comment on the FICTS…brilliant! Neil’s words and Robert’s illustrations combine to make a truly unique line of funnies that spark conversation whenever I wear one of my FICTS shirts. And yes, I’m wearing one RIGHT NOW.

    I enjoyed the daily release of a new FICT every week day on this blog…now it’s time to combine them all in a book! Hey, publishers, get on that already! The rest of the world needs to enjoy the fabulous FICTS!

  3. hokusbloke says:

    This comment came from Anna Harris:

    Ficts – funnier than a primary school nativity play. Beutifully penned with a play on words or facts are twisted above the rehelms of a Litchenstein.

  4. Chantelle Jackson says:

    Ficts are FANTASTICALLY funny and bring such joy, laughter and hilarity to mundane days. They are the work of two literary genius’s with WICKED humour. Very entertaining and addictive. I think I speak for a LOT of people when I say: MORE! GIVE ME MORE! 🙂

  5. Loz Tronic says:

    FICTS: Mind-meltingly funny nuggets of wisdom with such flawed logic that they could quite possibly be true.
    I have found myself being more polite than usual for fear of angering Geoffrey…

  6. alexfitch says:

    Hope the book and the next 180 come along soon. I’ve been loving these weird, fictional factoids and had forgotten what a terrific artist Rankin is. Neil and Robert have a great future in children’s books awaiting, if you ask me…

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