Tempting Timmy

Dangerous Temptation!

“Go on Timmy.  Try it, it’s fun.”
But Timmy knew better.

“Go on Timmy.  Take it for a run.”
But Timmy was no go-getter.

“Go on Timmy.  See if it’ll fit.”
But Timmy was a real toff.

“Go on Timmy.  See if it’s still lit.”
And Timmy had his stupid face blown off.


N.B. You can hear “Tempting Timmy” read by Radio 4’s Peter White by clicking on the file in the Poetry Audio box at the top right of this page.

About hokusbloke
30-something radio producer/director/writer, owner & MD of Ladbroke Productions (the UK's oldest independent radio production company). Lover of far fetched fiction, scifi and fantasy, my cats and all thinks tech. I am also the Chair of the Radio Independents Group, a former Trustee of the Radio Academy, and a Fellow of the RSA. I co-wrote, produced and directed Robert Rankin's "The Brightonomicon" audio series, produce Dr Who audiobooks for the BBC, and directed several sci-fi radio plays for BBC Radio 4 in 2009. I am a strong advocate for more SF audio and radio...keep watching this space for upcoming news!

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