Fraggle Rock Noir

One of those mad late night ideas:

Fraggle Rock Noir

“Terror Stalks Where Doozers Walk!”

When there’s a murder on the Rock and Junior Gorg is found garotted and buried face first in the Almighty Trash-Heap, and the mutilated corpse of Sprocket is found dangling from the light fixing of the room in Outer Space, its up to Detectives Gobo and Wembly Fraggle to sort through the Doozer crap and discover which Fraggle has gone bad!

But can they solve the mystery in time to save Mokie as she runs for Mayor of Fraggle Rock, and just who is Red & Boober REALLY working for…the inscrutable King of the Universe, or the elusive Travelling Man?

Fraggle Rock Noir…a tragic tale of mutilated muppets and freaked out Fraggles!


About hokusbloke
30-something radio producer/director/writer, owner & MD of Ladbroke Productions (the UK's oldest independent radio production company). Lover of far fetched fiction, scifi and fantasy, my cats and all thinks tech. I am also the Chair of the Radio Independents Group, a former Trustee of the Radio Academy, and a Fellow of the RSA. I co-wrote, produced and directed Robert Rankin's "The Brightonomicon" audio series, produce Dr Who audiobooks for the BBC, and directed several sci-fi radio plays for BBC Radio 4 in 2009. I am a strong advocate for more SF audio and radio...keep watching this space for upcoming news!

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